Dragon Bagons; CR10 dragon dicebags

Created by Bridget Hughes

These CR10 dragon dicebags would love to guard your dice hoard. Also available are Dragon dice, Bagthulhus, and Bagthulhu dice.

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Some snags and some progress
over 1 year ago – Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 10:26:11 PM

Custom Colour Dragon Bagons  

We've hit a bit of a snag with sourcing microfleece in the colour Fire Engine. The suppliers have just informed me that there is no more. I have some, but not enough to do all the orders. I have two alternatives though. The first is to switch folks who ordered Fire Engine to Raspberry, or I can sub in a bright red from another supplier. This one is even brighter than Fire Engine. So if you want bright, this is the best option, if you want a more intense darker red, Raspberry is the way to go. Could those who have ordered Fire Engine get back to me ASAP please? If I don't hear from everyone I'll default to switching orders to Raspberry.  

Colour chart for comparison.
Colour chart for comparison.
This is the other red option. This is a photo from the supplier. There is likely to be some variation from screen to screen, so bear that in mind :)
This is the other red option. This is a photo from the supplier. There is likely to be some variation from screen to screen, so bear that in mind :)

The test batch has arrived back from the cutters. There are a few kinks to work out but overall they've done a neat job even with the fiddly bits. We're going to do another test batch after some changes have been made, and all going well, we'll do the bulk cut soon. This is effectively lifting 1-2 months of work off our shoulders. Also, the tool they use, called a band knife, for cutting out fiddly pieces (which is 90% of the dragon bagon pieces) seems to make the edges a bit fluffy. It doesn't seem to make sewing any more difficult and I think it's kinda cut on the pieces where the edges show, like the spikes and scales.  


All but two of the drakelings are finished - we ran out of spines, so we'll make some more this week. I'm sending a shipment to the fulfillment company in the US already so any drakelings that don't have anything else going with them, I'll add in. Which means that a very very small segment of fulfillment will begin soon *squee*

Manufactured Dragon Bagons    

I'm chatting with the manufacturers now and they said they'll have fabric swatches and pricing for me for the manufactured Dragon Bagons this week.

Custom colour update
over 1 year ago – Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 09:04:48 PM

Hello ^_^


Ok, so we've finished the majority of the drakelings, there's about a dozen that need to be finished. We had an interesting mishap, there were two drakelings got their spikes mixed up. Those two were immediately adopted by my helper, and we're making replacements.


Custom colour Dragon Bagons

I'm hoping that the sample from the cutters will arrive today, otherwise it will be monday. We decided to have the pumpkin spice dragon bagons cut out as the sample because they're all the same so it's simpler to get a batch done, and so I can get an idea of what (hopefully nothing) needs to be cut by hand.  

Once those arrive I'll work out what needs to be cut by hand (fingers/toes/arms/eyes crossed, hopefully nothing), then we'll sort out the bulk cutting and any hand cutting. The goal is to get both the double size and standard size custom colour dragon bagons bulk cut.

Manufactured Dragon Bagons

The manufacturers have received my sample and are working on sourcing fabric at the moment :).


The dice manufacturers don't seem to be able to open any attachments I send them so I'm going to try dropbox when they reply and see how that goes. I've narrowed the potential designs down a little bit.

Teeny quick update
over 1 year ago – Sun, Aug 05, 2018 at 11:34:36 PM

This isn't a full update but I wanted to just add a few bits and pieces.

The very first Drakeling is finished. The others still need the last few stages completed, but it's always a boost when the first one in a batch is done ^_^. I'll be putting up photos soon, but if you ordered a black drakeling with gold yellow and butter yellow, congrats ^_^.

I heard back from one of the dice manufacturing leads. So far they're having trouble getting in contact with their factory, so not sure what's happening there. I'm waiting on another one that I sent samples to as well so we've still got options.

The cutters got back to me - they had a family emergency so couldn't look at the samples I sent until this week. They think they can do it, which is positive, I've still asked for a sample cut before I order a bulk lot though. I've had issues with different cutters in the past where we had to spend a month recutting the majority of the order by hand, at which point cutting the whole lot by hand from the beginning would have been quicker and cheaper. With any luck they'll be able to get a sample to me sometime this week or early next (fingers crossed), which will let me work out if there's any pieces we need to hand cut, and then order the fabric and the cutting for the custom colour dragon bagons and double size dragon bagons (adult and elder dragons).

The samples went to the manufacturer last week for the manufactured dragon bagons. The tracking says it's at 'international arrival', so hopefully it'll get there soon.

Custom dragons - I've started on the first of the custom dragons. I've had to order a bunch more beads and metal scales. While I wait for those to come in I'll probably get on to the next one.

Manufactured bagthulhus are currently waiting on fabric options, but we have a reasonable back up option if nothing turns up by the end of this week. It's not exactly the shade I originally intended, but it's close and suitably horrifying.

Bagthulhu dice are being engraved. I'll follow up about that this week.

There's also quite a few folks who had errors come up when backerkit charged their cards. It might be worth checking your inbox and spam folder just in case you've been sent an error email.

Teeny tiny update
over 1 year ago – Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 07:25:57 PM

It's only a little update, but some stuff has happened, so here we are

  • I finished the final sample (rainbow) for the manufactured dragon bagons, so they're being sent off today. I've been making millimetre sized adjustments to the pattern, there's stacks of trial dragon heads on my shelves and mountains of rejected pattern pieces.
  • Today we're making drakeling spines. It's not as gorey as it sounds.
  • A bunch of samples are going off to the cutters today as well, so fingers crossed ^_^. We'll start cutting some of the pieces by hand if we need to, just so we're still making progress. The more we can get done by the cutters the better. If they can do even ten pieces at a time (that's pretty low for industrial cutting) it frees us up so much. 
  • This week I'm starting on the custom dragons too.
  • I'm now sending some dice samples to the manufacturer, because they're struggling to find the right colour combo. I need to chase up my other manufacturing lead on that one too. 

About ten days ago I ended up in ED (I think it's called the ER in the states) for about 6 hours. The current theory is a really nasty case of food poisoning. My helper also got hit, so we're pretty sure those smoothies had something to do with it. I thought I was being nice and getting a treat. Clearly I was wrong. I spent most of last week in bed.

In some sadder news, last week we also lost the old mare (horse) I helped to look after. She featured on my social media feeds sometimes. Her last day was spent having scratches and eating treats. I really miss her. She used to start yelling at me the moment she saw me appear with a bucket. Her two neighbours are missing her pretty badly. They don't like each other much, but they need each other now, so they're playing nice.

Samples and Drakelings and Cutters oh my!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 01:39:03 AM

Hi Folks,

There's been some silence, but it's a busy silence.


They're all cut out and we're done matching up spikes and wings. This week coming we'll be stitching them together. Almost all of them are first wave so I'm doing the lot in one go. If we have a really good week I'd like to get them finished or close to it in that time. If not, it'll likely be two weeks to sew and finish them.

Manufactured Dragon Bagons

I've received the sample from the specialist. It's not exactly pretty, but to be honest that wasn't the point. It's got some structural adustments that are useful, and some that we wont be using, and some info on fabric options I wouldn't otherwise have gotten.

I've combined those changes with some of my own to hopefully suit the manufacturing process a little better, and it'll be going to the manufacturer this coming week. The one I'm aiming to work with has proven to be pretty quick with sample making, so with any luck we'll be on our way soon. Here's the two examples I've made for them currently, and I'm working on a rainbow one just in case ^_^.

Dragon Bagon samples
Dragon Bagon samples

Much of the past few weeks has involved cutting out almost identical pattern pieces and testing them out. Some of the changes have been as small as a mililmetre, others have been as large as several centimetres.

Primary changes

  • Double layer main wings -  I tossed this up for aaaaages, I wasn't sure I could get the points sharp enough, and they aren't as sharp as with a single layer, but it opens up more options in terms of fabric, it makes the wings a bit firmer whilst still being cuddly. It also eliminates some of the problems lining up the inner wings. I also made the main  wings minutely larger to make the double layer a little easier.
  • Changing the scales - I've removed the top row of scales that sat in the seam of the drawstring channel. It doesn't sit down neatly, and it isn't actually all that visible when the head is in place, so it eliminates an extra step and makes the bags do up more neatly as well.
  • Wing attachment - I've changed how the wings attach. this doesn't have any major aesthetic effect, it just makes a lot of the construction less instinctive (ie me lining it up by eye) and more systematic (better for production).
  • Spikes - I've lessened the number of inner spikes. Unless you had an original and a newer version and counted I'm not sure it would be noticeable. All this really does is make a slightly tidier appearance and make hand cutting, or making up press clicker/die cutting blades slightly easier.
  • Pattern markers - These are helpful purely from a construction point of view.
  • Scale size - I've adjusted these over and over and I think I've finally settled on a size almost indistinguishable from the original. Basically it just means some other bits are easier to do.
  • I also tested out making the bag slightly larger but it messes with the proportions so I'm going back to the earlier size. The original already holds 100 dice easily (one reviewer crammed around 120 into the one they got), so it's not a major issue.

Question: This is just a thought at the moment, but how would you folks feel about coloured eyes on the manufactured Dragon Bagons? Like the black ones, but say purple for the purple and teal, or maybe teal, and maybe red for the red/black? I've seen some glittery purple safety eyes before, but I'm not sure what the sourcing situation is for them. It may not be something we can do, but I figured I'd see if it's worth investigating.

Custom colour Dragon Bagons, Pumpkin Spice Dragon Bagons, and Slack Wyrm inspired Dragon Bagons

The cutter I was hoping would do the cutting for us has gotten back to me saying they can't do it. I've found another one though and I'm sending them a pattern to do a test cut. My plan is to basically get them to cut out as many pieces as they can accurately do, and we'll handcut the rest. The reality is even having them cut out a quarter of the pieces saves us a huge amount of time.

Custom Dragons

I'll be making the round and talking to folks with totally custom orders this coming week. I'll need to make these dragons one after the other since they'll be unique, and getting the bits mixed up would be a nightmare.


Another set of sample dice arrived. I'm not 100% sure about the colour just yet so I've relegated that to 'backup option'. I'm waiting on one more factory lead, then I'll look into other options.